Welcome to the RABOT (318902) website

The RABOT (The real-time adaptive networked control of rescue robots) S&T aim is to investigate the challenges in the rescue and recovery operations and design/develop a novel autonomous hybrid legged-wheeled robot with a high payload, large force and ability to adapt to uncertain environments. High payload and large force have been one of the most typical options/features for modern mechanical systems. A large number of huge robotic machines emerged in various applications, such as nuclear plant maintenance and rescue, heavy-duty transportation platform, mining, oil field production, space exploration, ocean exploitation and extreme manufacturing. Those machines are featured as large size, heavy payload, large force, high inertia, multi-degree-of-freedom, heavy duty actuation, strong/complex manipulation/locomotion ability, harsh service conditions, and so on. For example, the requirements and needs for developing this type of robots can be justified in rescue and recovery operations for the nuclear disaster in Japan last March.

The EU funding is used for this project, which is jointly conducted by six partners:

Bournemouth University
Staffordshire University
Romania Academy of Science
Chinese Academy of Science
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yanshan University

The small elephant robot developed by the RABOT SJTU team

The proposed RABOT designed by the YU and BU teams